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For some, being born, bred and spending your golden years in one city or town is a safe and comfortable existence. Growing up for me meant a life on the move, full of excitement, anticipation and wonder at where our next adventure will take us. Born to adventurous parents in Inverness, Scotland, my childhood was spent travelling and living in different countries, being immersed in different cultures and having some of the most stunning landscapes as my playground. My passion for the beauty of nature and all its creatures was nurtured from a young age and I feel privileged to have had this experience growing up. Family bought us to New Zealand and later, after marrying the 'love of my life' we settled on Waiheke Island in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf. After raising our five amazing children, I now find the time has come for me to nurture my passion for Photography. To date, I have had the excitement of opening my own exhibition and have been part of multiple joint exhibitions. Gaining honours with the Photographic Society of New Zealand is a great achievement for me and I regularly take part in national Photography salons where I have often placed and medalled.

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